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March 22, 2014

Prairie Trace Elementary THE JUNGLE BOOK

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Dear Parents,


I had such a fun time taking images of your talented children over the last week. My step daughter, Isabella Fallahi, had asked me to help out with the play images. Feel free do download any images you like for your tablets or smart phones and share them with friends and family. Just allow one to two minutes for the link to completely download  before you start scrolling through the images (there are almost 1,000!).  If you interested in getting any images printed on professional paper let me know at ian.borgerhoff@gmail.com.







Ian Borgerhoff


April 11, 2012

Images of the our new Nikon D4 with 200mm VRII F2 lens

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The Nikon D4 is an amazing camera for shooting weddings. Fortunately I am able to handle the weight with the super glass of the 200mm VRII F2 (about 10 pounds) So in a day I’m doing about 3,000 10 lb. bicep curls. Here a few images shot at DAmore with Rich Miller.  Every bride should have the opportunity to get images like these. Color is true (not orange like the Canon line), images are razor sharp, and minimal noise at even a 12,800 ISO. No other camera on the market can create shots like these. A wedding should not be just a posed event or a day of only shooting detail. A wedding is alive with motion and emotion where a true photojournalist camera is needed to captures the day. The first images was shot at 11,400 ISO and the second one at 12,800 ISO. Thank you Nikon for giving me the tools to capture the beauty of that oh so special day!

ISO 11,400 200mm F2. No noise. Nothing can match this quality!

12,800 ISO

One of the most challenging color shots to take. Fair skin with red hair. The Nikon D4 hands down creates superior color to the Canon. If this was shot with a 5D the skin tones would be too orange. If corrected the skin tones would be lost and so would the hair color.

February 15, 2012

Photo Session

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December 28, 2011

Nutcracker Indiana Ballet Conservatory 2011

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Indiana Ballet Conservatory Nutcracker 2011

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